Premium Connect is a dynamic company offering fixed and premium telephonic services in the national and international telecommunications market. We are partners with large international carriers.  We have many direct contracts with carriers. Long established relationships enable us to arrange number ranges and rates to be added to many large carriers’ rate cards. Premium Connect is a leading voice provider of international and domestic premium rate services for various customers around the globe. Either you are TV, Radio Station, Content Provider, or any other type of Company, you can take advantage of our world class services platform and start generating revenue today! We are always opened for new business opportunities and relationships with companies across the world in the field of telecommunications, voice termination, premium value added services, audiotext solutions, premium and regular SMS termination services, wholesale and retail voice trading. Premium Connect enables anybody to start his or her own business based on International Premium Rate Numbers, regardless of the region in the world or the size of the company. Since we’ve been in the industry for years, it has been possible for us to create an excellent team of technology professionals and industry experts regarding International Premium Rate Numbers who can offer high quality services and who are not easy to find elsewhere in the International Premium Rate Numbers industry. At Premium Connect, we pride ourselves on being a trustworthy and reliable business partner that offers the highest payouts, fastest payments and secured transfers. We help our customers develop their premium rate business easily and help our customers develop their premium rate business easily and We offer you the highest payouts – when using our EXCLUSIVE ranges you will get the best payouts which allow you to increase your margins and profit. We provide you a secured transfer – whether you are working with us on daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly terms we grant you the most reliable and on time payment